Digital Marketing Training Courses

Digital marketing courses

The School of Digital Marketing is the best digital marketing training course in Meerut. TSDM Meerut also runs 4 kinds of professional Digital marketing training courses in Meerut. With having more than 25 industry recognized certifications. This is the place where you can know get complete  and advanced knowledge of Digital marketing under one roof. The School of Digital marketing runs specialization course for Social Media Marketing(SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google or Bing Advertisement. We also complete our course on time. Our course summery is given below:

TSDM-Diplo (Diploma Course)

TSDM- Diplo is the diploma program in Digital marketing. The School of Digital marketing runs Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google and Bing Advertisement training program. TSDM-Diplo program has 7 modules and duration will be 1 month.

TSDM- Pro (Professional Course)

TSDM- Pro is also the diploma program in Digital marketing. The School of Digital Marketing will also help you in learning SEO Techniques such as (White Hat, Black Hat and Grey Hat), google webmaster, also website creation, etc. Similarly the TSDM- Pro program has 15 modules and duration of this training program is 2 months.

TSDM- Corporate Course

TSDM- Corporate program specially designed for corporate jobs. This program also cover 27 modules, Duration of this program is 3-4 months. After the completion of Corporate training course, the candidates have 25+ Certificate that will also help in their career. TSDM provide pure corporate job environment so that candidate can enhance their skill and communication.

TSDM -Expert Course

TSDM-Expert program is one of the most important program for students. It provide a job oriented course in which you can also learn various digital marketing skills. In this course we will cover 27 modules. This expert course also enhance student capability of planning and comprehension. TSDM also known for its training programs. We also provide you best training such as search engine marketing, Social Media Marketing, paid advertisement .