How to Give Facebook Page Admin Access- Page Role

Today, I am going to explain you the most important and easy topic, How to Give Facebook Page Admin Access- Page Role. If you have a Facebook Page and You want, someone handles your page on regularly or adding an admin to the Facebook page so you get confused. This is the very easy way to add someone as editor or admin. Today I am going to teach you How do I manage roles for my Page?

If you want to learn How do you make someone an admin on a Facebook Page? or How do I transfer ownership of a Facebook page? so please see the below steps and pictures.

Login your facebook page → click on setting at the top of your page → you will see page roles on left side → Click on Page Roles in left Column → Type the Name or Email ID in the Box and select the person profile → click on Editor or Admin (whatever you want)  → Click on Add button → Enter your Password to confirm.

How to Give Facebook Page Admin Access- Page Role

How to Give Facebook Page Admin Access- Page Role

How to Easily Add a Facebook Admin to Your Page

Note: If you add someone to handle your profile so he/She has complete authority to send invites or add anyone, upload the post etc.

How to Remove Someone Who has a Role

If you want to remove someone who has a Role so you don’t need to worry. This is a very simple step to remove someone to admin or editor access. I will explain you in One Easy Step. Please see the below steps.

LogIn Your Facebook Page → Click on Setting Button on right side Top → Click on Page Roles on the left side → Click Edit next to the person you want to remove → and then click on Remove → Click on confirm → Enter the Password.

Note: You also remove yourself, but if you are an admin so you need to add one admin then you can remove yourself.

I hope this topic is simple and you can learn it clearly. Please read my all the below and increase your skills in Digital Marketing.

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