How to Write SEO Friendly Content

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Hello Friends, Today I am going to teach you How to Write SEO Friendly Content. This is a most Important topic if you have made a website and you just wrote copy content or normal content so your website will not come to Google top result. Content is most important part of a website. Now day complete SEO (Search Engine Optimization) depend on content. Digital Marketing is now content base. We say in Digital marketing language “Content is King”.  If your content is unique or keywords friendly so your site will come to Google top result. So learn today How to Write SEO Friendly Content

Now I am going to teach you How to Write SEO Friendly Content, without any content writer or any software. You just read my this article carefully.

How to Write SEO Friendly Content

Step – 1 Think about your business or blog keywords

First of all, you need to think common and most search keywords related to your business. Suppose I have a Digital Marketing Institute. so my most common keywords are ” Digital marketing institute near me”, “Digital Marketing Course near me” so on so on.  You have to target those keywords necessary. Because common men always search those keywords.

Step – 2 Use Google Adwords (Keyword Planner)

In second and most important step, you have to find all correct, most searching, keywords for your blog and business website through Google Adwords. If you want to learn how to search keywords from Google Adwords so please read my previous blog How to Search Best Keywords for your business website  Click on this link and get complete information about the Keyword Searching through Google Adwords.

Step- 3 How to Use all Keywords in Your Blog

Once you find out all the keywords so now start to write SEO friendly content. Most important part of writing the content, Don’t write the long and lengthy sentence. Kindly divide all the keywords according to your website pages. for example, if you have Homepage, About page, Service page, Contact Us page, so don’t use all the keywords on a homepage or any single page. Please divide the keywords accordingly and put all the keywords in your content. The length of Content is min 300 and max 500 always remember this. Make a simple and short sentence so that all kind of reader can read and your content readability will be increased. Use maximum keywords and try to make an easy language. Don’t do grammar mistake.

These are some tips for writing the Good content without and the help of content writer and any software. You can write content on NoteBook first and they post on your website or blog site. but make sure if you want to write SEO friendly content writing so please use Keywords and above-mentioned tips. I hope this blog will help you to write SEO friendly content.


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