SEO Training Institute in Meerut

The School of Digital Marketing has multiple courses at Meerut Centre. TSDM runs a very special program for students and professionals. That is called SEO Training Program. The School of Digital Marketing is the Best SEO Training Institute in Meerut. If you really want to become Experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) You must go for advance SEO training program in meerut . We cover all the important topics in this training program. We start this course from the basic level. This is the SEO certification program in meerut.

This is a short term diploma course. This course covers both basic and advanced modules of search engine optimization. This course enhances students capability of planning in (Search Engine Optimization) SEO. This program has 7 modules. We prepare students for more than 3-4 industry recognize certification. This is the specialty of this course. SEO has more scope in Industry. Student easily get job in SEO, Start freelancing work etc.

SEO Training Institute in Meerut

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Training course syllabus:-

TSDM has started a training program at Meerut. This course has no limitation on the age group. It is an affordable course anyone can join it.
This helps the student to be an independent and earning person. TSDM works towards the betterment of student’s life by providing search engine optimization training as per your favorable conditions. This program has 7 modules.
There are the various modules which TSDM provides under the SEO
Training program-
1 Introduction of Digital Marketing
2 Domain and hosting overview
3 How to earn money through Domain selling
4 Website creation and planning
5 Basic knowledge of search engine(google, yahoo, AOL, etc)
6 Search Engine Optimization (on page |off page| local SEO)
7 SEO techniques (white hat |black hat|gray hat)

TSDM Meerut makes every month 1-2 batch for this program if you would like to join our SEO. The School of Digital Marketing (TSDM) is the top Digital Marketing Institute in Meerut.