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WordPress Plugins for Beginners

WordPress Plugins for Beginners

So Today, I we will discuss about 5 wordpress plugins for beginners which we used in wordpress while making business wordpress website.

When I first started using wordpress for website creation, I also get confuse, Which plugins are best for wordpress .

How can these plugins help me, for making my website more fast and also improve my website page SEO and readability.

Here is the list of 5 wordpress plugins for beginners.

  1. Elementor
  2. WPsmush
  3. YoastSEO
  4. WPforms
  5. Akismet

So now we will discuss about Elementor.


Elementor developed by

If you want to create your own website or Blog on WordPress but don’t know how to do coding

Elementor plugin is what you should be looking for. It also provides you a user-friendly platform to start building a website from scratch.

It simply a drag and drop type page builder that will also help in building and customization of your pages on wordpress.

Elementor Create high-end, pixel perfect websites at lightning fast speeds. It is suitable for any theme, page or any design.

It also includes features like Instant Drag and Drop builder, Live in line and design editing make it the most popular website builder plugin for WordPress.

I also used elementor plugins for my website building and creation, the result which i got after using this plugin was incomparable.

That why I am suggesting you this plugin. In Word press it has 3+ Million Active Installations and the rating is 5\5.

Now we just covered elementor, I hope your all doubts about elementor plugins is now clear. So now move on to our next plugin WPsmush.


WP-smush developed by WPMU DEV

The First Question we asked, Why do we need this plugin?

Because WP-smush help to resize,optimize, lazy load and compress all of your images with the incredibly powerful speed.

A good website is the one that makes your browsing experience fast and smooth and for that optimization of media is very important.

WPsmush plugin optimizes pictures automatically at the time of uploading them.

It can optimize upto 50 pictures at a time. In Word press it has 1+ Million Active Installations and the rating is 5\5.

I hope you understand the Wp-smush and now we will cover one of the most important plugin YoastSEO.


YoastSEO plugins was build by yoast team. It is one of the very popular plugin which we used in wordpress. It is used by millions of users worldwide.

What engages you to a website that you browse? The answer is simple. It’s content and the way it is presented.

YoastSEO not only provides you an analysis regarding your content’s readability but also acts as tool to help you write a SEO friendly content with focus on the right keywords.

YoastSEO active installations on wordpress is 5+ Million and the rating is 5/5 based on 26,862 ratings.

So I have you have no doubts about yoastSEO, so now move on to next plugin which is WPforms.


WPforms was developed by wpfoms.

Whether you are a business owner, a Blogger  or an online seller of products and services? In any case, you must know how important is the contact information and feedback of your visitors are.

WPforms is the easiest plugin for beginners to provide a very interactive and compact form filling experience to users. It works simply with drag and drop of items.

It also allows you to create attractive contact forms, feedback form, subscription forms, payment forms, and many types of forms for your website in just a minutes.

In Word press, WPforms has 1+ Million Active Installations and the rating is 5\5.

Before moving on to our last plugin, I hope you understood WPforms plugin and now you will easily apply this on your website.

So now our last plugin is Akismet.


High competition leads to the use of wrong means by your competitors. Akismet helps you filter out spammy comments, trackbacks and contact form messages automatically.

Akismet also prevents competitor from showing on your site. It is really helpful to avoid negative SEO of your site.

It is highly recommended if you are working on a highly competitive Niche.

Akismet active installations on wordpress is 5+ Million and the rating is 4.5/5 based on 838 ratings .

So in this blog, I covered all 5 important plugins for WordPress. I also hope you understand the importance of these plugins. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading our content about these plugins.

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