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With our all round course, you will gain knowledge, gain courage and most importantly gain experience in working international companies, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Paytm, Pinelabs, etc.

TSDM has 90% success rate in student placement. We believe in making our students excel in their respective fields and become the ultimate, Digital Mastermind

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TSDM is dedicated to their students.

Each student is important and vital for us, their Goal and aim to achieve their target is what we work for.
We stand with and behind every student and help them to gain small victories and win big ones later on.
Our Digital Marketing study material is customized according to our student’s requirements, so they can understand easily.

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Director’s Vision



Started from small, we believe our aim was always bigger. Today, TSDM teaches Thousands of students all over and provide the much needed education at a minimal cost.
TSDM aims to open 500+ centers all over the country in the next 5 years. Our goal is very simple, educate as many students as possible. We are here to help people who wish to learn, and at the same time wish to earn. Through our courses, many have benefited and many are in process. Come, join in this global journey of Digital Marketing.
Through various seminars, workshops and virtual classes, we have reached so many people so far.

Our Courses


Digital Marketing Course For Job Seeker - 29+ Certificate Course

Jobify is dedicated course to those students who want to find a job in Digital Marketing. It is a certification course which will help students to get jobs in their desired portals and companies. According to Linkdin,


Digital Marketing Course for Freelncers

Many people look forward for side incomes or something they can generate revenue out of, Freelancing is one of those things and one of the most successful things in Digital Marketing. Freelancing is a huge market growth


Digital Marketing Course for Business Owners

If you own a business and want to grow your business, Gigantic Course is for you. In this course you will learn how to keep your business attached to the internet world. Following with in depth Digital Marketing

  1. Jobify: Learn all there is to know about Digital marketing and how to get a job.
  2. Gigantic: Feel Gigantic in the world of Digital Marketing. With this program, learn every bit of marketing of all the markets.
  3. Freelancer: Earn from your learning. This program is built for them who wants to earn as well as learn.