About TSDM


We Are a Dynamic Team of
Professional People of Digital

Since 2015, TSDM has continued its work to spread the education across nation and for the students who want to learn Digital Marketing having the minimal resources.

Back when we saw the vision of dedicating our mission to those students, we started with just 2 employees in a small office, where we worked tirelessly and put our all effort and build these courses for them. These courses consist of all the information and learning you will require to become a Digital Marketer. The best thing about learning these courses is that you can earn from what you learn. Our team has concentrated on all the aspects which are necessary to build a network for you as a Digital Marketer.

We aim to open 500+ sub centers across India and teach those unfortunate students who cannot opt for such courses and still have passion for it. In India, to learn such course, people have to invest a great deal of money. But, TSDM provides education at a minimum expense and an opportunity for everyone that wants to learn. There are many children, men and women in India who wants to take Digital marketing as a sole medium of earning, come to TSDM, with our courses and programs, we make sure that you achieve your goal.


Our Goal Is Student's Success And Future Growth

TSDM’s Goal is simple and high:

Student’s goal

100% individual assistance to students

Give opportunity to everyone out there who want to learn

Spread Education at minimum cost

Not only this, TSDM has also focused on Student placement, where we have successfully achieved 90% placements for students.

We started with small and now we have provided courses to thousands of students in such short span of time.

We want to reach out more, and if you think you want to reach your goal, contact us.