Freelance Program is Digital Marketing Course at TSDM Institute Meerut

TSDM in Meerut offers you a Freelance course this module is part of the Digital Marketing program in our institute. The Freelance provides you to earn money from home and anywhere.

Many people look forward for side incomes or something they can generate revenue out of, Freelancing is one of those things and one of the most successful things in Digital Marketing. Freelancing is a huge market growth in India currently, every student is trying to pursue themselves into freelancing and Digital marketing is providing them the gateway.

With help of TSDM you can learn all it is to know about Freelancing in Digital Marketing and how you can use it in your benefit. People across India, who are struggling to make a breakthrough, must have this certificate so that your paths are much clearer for your future.

Freelance Program will help you learn Digital marketing as well as introduce you to E-earning. So now you can work on your own time, your own way and still manage to earn from Digital world.

Freelance program will provide you:

  1. E-Commerce Earning
  2. How you can set up your YouTube channel
  3. How you can get freelance work from Corporate
  4. Learn SEO and SMM

Today, in US alone there are 57 million freelancers and in India it is on rise as Digital Marketer.

TSDM highly recommends this course to woman and children who want to earn at their own time and help their families. TSDM also believes that, as many people can join this program, they can develop their skills and also opt this full time.

The following are some freelance modules:

Duration: 1 month, Certification: TSDM

  1. E- Earning Induction.
  2. How to Earn Money through Domain Selling.
  3. How to Earn through Website Creation and Planning.
  4. How to Write Blog and Starting Earning.
  5. How to Earn Money  through Content Writing.
  6. How to Start Influence Marketing through Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc,.).
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) such as (On-Page SEO | Off-Page SEO | Local SEO).
  8. Social Media Marketing (SMM) such as (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Hootsuite, etc).
  9. E-Commerce Earning.
  10. Affiliated Marketing.
  11. Internet Entrepreneurship with Google Adsense (Blogging).
  12. Start your YouTube Channel.
  13. Learn unique way to YouTube earning Methods.
  14. Freelancing.
  15. How to get Freelancing Work from Corporate.


Learn Digital Marketing through TSDM and start earning. Today, Digital Marketing Freelancers are earning nearly 3.5 lac annually, which grows up with time. So if you are a housewife who is trying to make an earning, or a student trying to meet the ends, do come to TSDM and learn from us.

Make the earning for yourself, make the e-commerce work for you.

Additional information


29+ Certification Program (Google, Facebook, HubSpot, SEMRush, TSDM)

Training Letter

2 Months Training Letter From KUDOSPRO and Other Companies


1 Month

Admission Kit

Students ID card, Study Material (Book) , TSDM Bag, Pen, TSDM Notepad, Video Study Material, Sipper @ 5000INR


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