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Digital Champion Program is Digital Marketing Course at TSDM Institute Meerut

TSDM in Meerut offers you a Digital Champion course, the module that is part of the Digital Marketing program in our institute. The Digital Champion provides you with certification by google, HubSpot, SEMRush, etc.

Become a digital marketer at any age now. TSDM presents Digital Champion program to those students who are still in their schools. Children who want to learn about the modern world and way to excel can get certified from Google. With such dignified certificates, your children can gain confidence and compete with the real world.

Today, whenever we open internet there is an opportunity. Opportunity to make ourselves better and make the real use of internet. This way, you will stay productive and goal oriented, which will benefit your future. Digital Marketing is a way of earning and learning, you choose your path and we make sure to make it happen for you.

Digital Champion Program Modules Include:

  1. Real use of Internet
  2. How you can set up your own YouTube Channel based on your skills.
  3. How to prepare yourself for SEMRush, Google and Hubspot certification
  4. Creating social media pages and run them successfully.

With TSDM turn your children’s hobbies into something more productive. Today’s students are future entrepreneurs. Today’s high competitive world demands more than one skill from children. This opportunity is for them to grab and turn their children into a Digital Champion. With correct learning modules and teachers, children can learn fast at an early age.

These are the few modules available to digital champian:

Duration: 1 Month, Certification: TSDM, Google, HUBSPOT and SEMRUSH

  1. Introduction of Google Education and Web World.
  2. How to Build Website on Web 2.0.
  3. How to Start Your own Skills/Knowledge Blog.
  4. Create and Run Social Media Page on Your Skills.
  5. Advanced Knowledge of Web World.
  6. Prepare for Google | SEMRush | HubSpot Cetification.
  7. YouTube Channel on Your Skills.
  8. Real use of Internet.

As a student there are many things to discover, become the digital marketer at a young age so you can sit behind the wheel of your career.

Our aim is to reach across India with our centers and teach those children who want to pursue their interest in Digital Marketing. Digital Champion provides a learning curve which they seek. We make sure our classrooms are fruitful for children, for them to compete in this digitally trendy world.

Additional information


Google, SEMRush, TSDM


1 Month

Admission Kit

Students ID card, Study Material (Book) , TSDM Bag, Pen, TSDM Notepad, Video Study Material, Sipper @ 5000INR


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